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Dr. Preethi Mrinalini K, our Chief Consultant Surgeon, with more than 12 years of experience, is rated one among the best female surgeons in Chennai. Dr. Preethi is a very earnest and skilled General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. Her field of expertise is in  Laparoscopy, Bariatric and Gastrointestinal surgeries. She has performed more than 10,000 surgeries so far with a 99% success rate. Her Laparoscopic skills are top notch and is able to perform various procedures as Day care surgeries.

Our Consultant Surgeon:

Dr. Preethi Mrinalini K MBBS, MS(Gen Surg), FMBS, FIAGES, had completed her MBBS and MS General Surgery from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai. She then underwent training further in Minimal Access surgery and also completed her fellowship in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and was ordained FMBS. Dr. Preethi is now working as a Consultant Surgeon at Apollo Main Hospitals, Greams road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, where she is available between 10 am – 1pm (Mon- Sat); and at Marina’s Clinic, Nungambakkam, Chennai between 4pm – 8 pm (Mon-Sat). 

She treats various surgical conditions like – Hernia, Gallbladder stones, GERD, Piles, Anal fissures, Fistula, Gastrointestinal conditions, Breast lumps, Varicose veins, Thyroid, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Swellings, Ulcers, Diabetic foot etc.

Surgeries performed include : 

Lap Hernia Repairs (TAPP, TEP, IPOM, IPOM plus, ETEP, TAR, Incisional, Ventral): Incorporating techniques like TAPP, TEP, and more, these procedures correct various hernias. Minimally invasive by nature, they promise shorter recovery times and diminished scarring for patients, enhancing overall well-being.

Breast surgeries:

MRM, excision biopsy, BCS: This suite, including MRM, excision biopsy, and BCS, addresses a range of breast health issues. From benign lumps to malignancies, these procedures prioritize optimal health and recovery.

Thyroid surgeries:

Specializing in treating thyroid conditions from nodules to cancers, these surgeries are integral for metabolic and hormonal health. Careful and precise, they aim for effective and quick recovery

Lap Rectopexy:

A minimally invasive procedure targeting rectal prolapse, it returns the rectum to its proper position. Patients benefit from pain relief and prevention of potential complications.

Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy:

This bariatric procedure involves reshaping the stomach into a sleeve-like structure. Designed for significant weight loss, it reduces hunger sensations and fosters sustainable weight management.

Lap Mini Gastric Bypass:

A two-pronged bariatric method, it combines stomach reduction with a bypass of the small intestine. Aimed at robust weight loss and metabolic enhancement, patients see improved health outcomes.

Lap One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass:

A variation of the gastric bypass, this procedure reduces stomach size and reroutes food. It’s designed for effective digestion and nutrient absorption, supporting healthy weight

Lap diaphragmatic hernias:

These repairs focus on hernias in the diaphragm. Through a laparoscopic approach, patients experience reduced post-operative discomfort and can return swiftly to daily routines.

Lap Gastro jejunal Anastomosis:

This surgery connects the stomach to the jejunum. By optimizing the digestive process, it offers solutions for various gastrointestinal ailments.

Lap Bowel Resection & Anastomosis:

Entailing the removal of diseased bowel segments and connection of the healthy parts, this procedure treats conditions such as Crohn’s. It promises restoration of bowel function and health.

Lap Fundoplication:

By strengthening the valve between the esophagus and stomach, this operation offers lasting relief from chronic heartburn and GERD symptoms, enhancing digestive comfort.

Lap Appendicectomy:

A laparoscopic method that targets the appendix. With the promise of reduced hospitalization and faster recovery, it’s a modern approach to traditional surgeries.

Lap Cholecystectomy:

Focusing on gallbladder removal, this laparoscopic surgery is for those with gallstones or inflammation. By enhancing digestive wellness, it aims for improved health outcomes.

Lap Adhesiolysis:

Dedicated to removing scar tissues in the abdominal cavity, this procedure is essential for those with chronic pelvic pain. It ensures smooth functioning of abdominal organs.

Lap Ovarian Cystectomy:

This laparoscopic procedure zeroes in on ovarian cyst removal. Ensuring less post-surgery discomfort, it champions swift recovery and improved gynecological health.

Open Surgeries:

Traditional surgical techniques catering to a diverse range of conditions. When minimally invasive procedures aren’t suitable, these offer comprehensive treatments.

Varicose Veins:

Targeting the swollen, twisted veins primarily in legs, these procedures enhance both circulatory health and cosmetic appearance, promoting overall leg health.


Addressing fluid-filled sacs around testicles, this surgical intervention relieves discomfort and guards against complications, ensuring men’s reproductive health.

Open Hernias:

Traditional approaches for hernia repairs. These procedures are selected when laparoscopic methods might not be ideal, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive repair.


Involving the removal of one or both testicles, these surgeries cater to diverse conditions, from malignancies to infections. A focus on urological health is paramount.

Fissure, Fistula, Hemorrhoidectomy:

Surgical solutions for painful anal conditions, offering relief from discomfort and bleeding. Through precise interventions, they prioritise colorectal wellness.

Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy:

A contemporary treatment for haemorrhoids, this technique uses a special stapler. Offering reduced pain and swift recovery, it’s a step ahead of traditional methods.

Laser Proctology:

Employing lasers, these treatments address rectal and anal conditions. Minimally invasive by nature, patients benefit from quick recovery and lessened post-operative pain.

She is also a member of Fellow Indian association of gastrointestinal endosurgeons (FIAGES), Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian association of gastrointestinal endo surgeons (IAGES), Obesity Surgery Society of India (OSSI).

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