Best Hernia Specialist in Chennai

best hernia specialist in chennai

Marina’s Clinic is known for the Best Hernia Specialist in Chennai. Our Chief Surgeon Dr. Preethi has focused the clinic to ensure high standards of care without compromising on affordability in the field of hernia surgery. 

Hernia operations are carried out at Chennai’s Marinas Clinic, which concentrates heavily on hernia treatments. Through various techniques, including laparoscopic surgery, the aim is to change the lives of our patients by our Best Hernia Specialists. At our clinic, we offer the best hernia care. Our top priority is giving the patient a pain-free existence.


Inguinal Hernia: 
A tissue or typically a portion of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot or opening in the abdominal muscles of the groin area, causing inguinal hernia. 
We provide primary treatment for this condition – Laparoscopic hernia repair, a surgical repair which promotes the strength of the abdominal wall. The patient has to undergo additional tests to assess their overall health before the surgery. This evaluation may include blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), and chest X-rays. The hernia is subsequently fixed by the surgeon using specialised surgical tools, often by applying a mesh patch to the weak area, after which the incisions are closed with stitches.

The first step in the treatment of a ventral hernia involves an accurate diagnosis. This is typically done through a physical examination by our surgeon. The choice of anaesthesia depends on the patient’s overall health. In laparoscopic ventral hernia repair surgery, the protruding tissues or organs are carefully pushed back into the abdominal cavity. The patient will be then provided with a detailed explanation on potential complications to look out for. 

Umbilical :
At the beginning of the treatment procedure for umbilical hernias, our surgeon will be assessing the hernia to determine its size, symptoms, and its overall condition. Before the laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair surgery, the patient may need to undergo some pre-operative preparations. These can include blood tests, and imaging studies (such as ultrasound or CT scan) to assess the hernia and surrounding structures. The surgeon will be giving instructions on when to resume normal activities, including work or exercise, based on the individual’s recovery progress. 


An incisional hernia occurs when a weakness in the abdominal muscle causes the abdominal tissues to protrude through the muscle. A hernia is a bulge under the skin that may be painful or tender to the touch. The muscle weakening is due to an incision made during a previous abdominal operation.


A hernia’s visibility makes it much easier to diagnose. In order to see the hernia when it is “out,” the doctor can ask you to cough or bear down.

Testing is performed on a regular basis to assess which part of the body is pushing through the muscle and also to find if the hernia is wide enough to cause more than the lining of the abdominal cavity to bulge through.


Hernias rarely improve on their own, and surgery is the sole option for treatment.

Hernia surgery can be performed in one of three ways:

Open surgery: An open surgery is one in which a cut is made into the body at the hernia’s location. The projecting tissue is sewn back together, and the weakening muscular wall is reattached. To give additional support, a sort of mesh is sometimes implanted in the area.

Laparoscopic surgery: The same types of repairs are made during laparoscopic surgery. Instead of a cut to the outside of the abdomen or groin, microscopic incisions are made to allow surgical tools to be inserted and the treatment to be completed.

Robotic hernia repair: Robotic hernia repair, like laparoscopic surgery, is done through small incisions and employs a laparoscope. The surgeon performs robotic surgery while seated at a console in the operating room, where he or she controls the surgical instruments. Robotic surgery can now be utilized to repair the abdominal wall, in addition to treating minor hernias or weak sections.

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Marinas Clinic is located at the heart of the metropolis city of Chennai, we work arduously to ensure the utmost care for our patients 24/7 round the clock. We provide you with the best consultation and we encourage our patients to clear their doubts.  

Performing the Best Hernia Surgeries in Chennai our center offers you options of open, laparoscopic, and even robotic hernia surgery. We have the latest technology and surgical expertise including laparoscopic for complex surgeries. We promise you high-quality hernia care, which is affordable and safe.

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