What is Breast Lump Excision?

The surgical removal of a cancerous lump in the breast is known as breast lump removal. It’s often referred to as a lumpectomy. A biopsy may reveal whether or not a breast lump is cancerous. The procedure’s aim is to remove the lump as well as some healthy tissue surrounding the tumour. It will help ensure that all cancer cells are removed as the doctor removes healthy tissue and the lump. A mastectomy, or complete surgical removal of the breast, can also be performed. In the early stages of breast cancer, evidence suggests that a lumpectomy is just as successful as a mastectomy.

Why is it necessary to remove a breast lump?

The removal of a breast lump is done to keep a cancerous tumour from spreading to other areas of your body. The size and stage of the tumour, as well as certain patient features such as breast size, determine if a lumpectomy can be performed. This procedure is preferred by many physicians over a mastectomy. A lumpectomy is less painful than removing the whole breast. A lumpectomy is a procedure in which the doctor removes a portion of your breast while leaving the majority of its appearance and sensations unchanged. This improves the symmetry of the breasts. However, after a lumpectomy, you can need radiation or chemotherapy to ensure that all cancer cells have been removed.

What is the procedure for removing a breast lump?

The first step for your surgeon will be to locate the tumour. A metal marker, or clip, may have been mounted near the biopsy site by your surgeon. If that’s the case, the clip would be located using a thin cable. This wire aids in directing the surgeon to the proper location for the incision.

The tumour, as well as some healthy cells surrounding it, will be removed by your surgeon. This means that the tumour is completely removed. After that, the lump is sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Your doctor can extract lymph nodes from under your arm on the side of your breast during surgery. They will be examined to determine if the cancer has spread.

The incision will be stitched and bandaged after the tumour and any lymph nodes have been successfully removed.

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