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Complications of Untreated Hernia

Although hernias are frequently thought of as a simple medical condition, if they are not addressed, they can cause major consequences. This blog aims to provide light on the possible complications associated with hernias and the significance of early medical surgery through the professional insights of a leading female surgeon in Chennai, Dr. Preeti Mirnalini.

Understanding Hernias
An organ or fatty tissue pushing through a weak point in the fascia, the surrounding muscle, or connective tissue, results in a hernia. The most common kinds of hernias are abdominal ones, more specifically inguinal hernias, which affect both men and women but are more common in men.
Complications of Hernias

Several consequences might arise from ignoring or not treating a hernia:

1. Incarceration
When the bulging organ or tissue becomes stuck and difficult to reposition, the hernia becomes imprisoned. This syndrome can cause excruciating pain and swelling and stop the blood supply to the trapped tissue.

2. Strangulation
When the blood supply to the herniated tissue is severed, strangulation happens. This is a critical situation that needs to be surgically treated right away. If strangulated tissue is not treated right away, it can soon perish and cause major consequences.

3. Obstruction
Obstruction can result from hernias, especially bowel-related. Severe discomfort, vomiting, and difficulty passing gas or stool are among the symptoms. This is an additional instance where immediate surgery is required to stop the patient’s condition from getting worse.

4. Hydrocele and Testicular Atrophy
In particular, when a portion of the intestine falls into the scrotum and impairs circulation, issues related to inguinal hernias can lead to the development of hydrocele or testicular atrophy in men.

The Importance of Timely Treatment

These consequences may arise from ignoring hernia symptoms or postponing treatment, underscoring the urgency of seeking immediate medical attention. As noted by one of Chennai’s top female physicians, Dr. Preeti Mirnalini. “Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications that are not only painful but also potentially life-threatening.”

Choosing the Right Surgeon
Many talented female surgeons in Chennai are well-known for their proficiency in hernia repairs. One such surgeon is Dr. Preeti Mirnalini of Marina’s Clinic.

Surgical Options
Depending on where and how severe the hernia is, repair options for hernias include laparoscopic surgery and open surgery. Efficient repair of the hernia is the goal of both techniques, which also minimize recovery time and lower the chance of recurrence.

See a doctor right away if you think you may have a hernia. Consultation with a renowned female surgeon such as Dr. Preeti Mirnalini at Marina’s Clinic can be a great option for outstanding care. Their experience in treating hernias guarantees that patients receive excellent surgical care and are informed about the significance of prompt treatment. Recall that a hernia does not heal by itself. More serious health problems will only arise if the signs are ignored or treatment is put off. Put your health first and consult reputable medical experts for help.