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Considerations of Repairing a Hernia when Pregnant

For pregnant moms, the development of a hernia during pregnancy can bring complications and anxieties. An organ or tissue protruding through a hole or weak spot in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue is referred to as a hernia. Despite being relatively uncommon, pregnancy-related hernias can present difficulties because of the physiological changes and elevated abdominal pressure that come with being pregnant. For the best interests of both the mother and the fetus, it is imperative to comprehend the consequences of a hernia during pregnancy and make educated decisions.Dr. Preethi Mrinalini, our chief surgeon, will tailor the treatment plan according to each individual’s specific health conditions.

Understanding Hernias During Pregnancy:
An organ or fatty tissue can herniate when it pushes through a weak point in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue. Because pregnancy puts more pressure on the abdomen and surrounding tissues, there is a higher chance of developing hernias. Umbilical and inguinal hernias are the two most prevalent forms among expectant mothers. If these diseases are not appropriately treated, they might have consequences for the pregnancy in addition to causing discomfort.

When to Consider Surgery:
The size, location, discomfort, and potential hazards to the woman and unborn child all play a role in the decision to have a hernia repaired during pregnancy. Usually, doctors would rather wait to perform surgery on a hernia until after birth if it is not causing any pain or difficulties. However, quick surgery can be required to avoid more serious health issues in situations where there is a possibility of the hernia being chained or compressed.
Experience and Expertise:
Renowned hernia specialist Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K is well-known for her skill in treating hernias, especially in expectant patients. She guarantees the best time and kind of surgery based on the individual demands of each patient, thanks to her proven track record and caring demeanour. For knowledgeable treatment and a less stressful pregnant hernia recovery process, rely on Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K.

Patient-Centred Care:
Throughout your hernia treatment process, Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K puts your comfort, worries, and expectations first. She makes sure you always feel acknowledged, appreciated, and comforted with her attentive manner and custom care. You can rely on Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K for knowledgeable hernia care that prioritises your needs and wellbeing.

Pregnancy-related hernias are a problem that needs to be treated with caution and knowledge. A crucial first step towards guaranteeing the health and wellbeing of mother and child for women in Chennai is choosing the greatest female physician. You may face this challenge with confidence if you have the proper medical partner, especially Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K, by your side. You’ll have the support and knowledge you need for a safe pregnancy and recovery. Dr. Preethi Mirnalini K’s extensive expertise and empathetic approach guarantee that both you and your baby will receive unparalleled care and individualized treatment during this critical period. Rely on her knowledge to lead you towards a secure and prosperous pregnancy experience.